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Appeal Filed in Important Title VII Sex Discrimination/Retaliation Case
6/30/2016 9:18:03 PM

I recently filed a brief with the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals on behalf of my client, who was fired from her job as a first line manager at a District of Columbia area restaurant chain for telling top company management that one of her subordinates at the company had reported to her that she had been offered a raise by a senior manager in exchange for sex.  In my view this case has substantial implications for the effective enforcement of federal statutes that bar discrimination based on race, sex or national origin.  The case is Villa v. Cavamezze Grill LLC, No. 15-2543.
Appellate Case Challenges Constitutionality of the District of Columbia’s Anti-Stalking Law
6/24/2015 6:22:28 PM

I currently represent a client (let’s call him “Client”) in an interesting First Amendment case pending before the District of Columbia Court of Appeals. 

Virginia Class Actions
8/16/2012 5:49:53 PM

I am often contacted by potential clients and fellow attorneys about pursuing possible class actions in Virginia.  Most are unaware of a unique hurdle for potential Virginia class action plaintiffs: Virginia’s prohibition on class actions in state court.  Class actions are, however, permitted in Virginia’s federal courts.
Do not ignore a lawsuit!!
6/24/2012 2:48:11 PM

Many issues surrounding litigation are complicated.  But there is one straightforward, uncomplicated rule that applies to all lawsuits anywhere—if you are sued do not ignore the lawsuit!!  No matter how ridiculous the lawsuit seems or how much you do not want to pay for an attorney, you must respond to avoid a default judgment.  This rule may be obvious to many, but, it is ignored by untold numbers of individuals and small businesses every year.  Following this rule is especially important in Virginia, where it is easy to get a default judgment and especially difficult to have such a judgment set aside.
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